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The Key 2 Business Training Programme is for the first-time linking business with education in relation to getting young people interested in investigating the concept of starting and development a business idea.

The Key 2 Business can be seen as an supplementary programme offer to colleges and educational bodies to meet a specific client group needs who find engaging into mainstream education very difficult to manage.

In our experience at Key 2 Business most young people, especially in urban areas of the country, cannot see themselves becoming doctors, lawyers or political figures. From our most recent survey (2006) at several colleges in London, young people are very much more interested in becoming the next David Beckham or the next music mogul rather than ongoing classroom based educational activities.

The Key 2 Business tailors a programme for the specific client group which takes on board their mindset about wanting things now because of their perceived limited attention span.

The programme explores concepts in relation to starting a business where key points, i.e. how to research the industry the individual would like to break into, setting up their business. At the start of the programme the client group will focus on basic fundamentals around personal development issues, i.e. self image, first impressions and effective communication, as a base line to explore the different concept of business.

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